Environmental SEM: EVO 50 LEO (Carl Zeiss)


Evo Data 2


  • 2.0nm@ 30kV (SE with LaB6 option)

Acceleration Voltage

  • 0.2 to 30 kV


  • 35x to 1,000,000x

Field of View

  • 6mm at the Analytical Working Distance (AWD)

Evo Data 2

EDX-ray Analysis

  • Oxford Instrument, resolution 133 eV

Available Detectors

  • SE in HV - Everhart-Thornley
  • SE in VPSE
  • BSD in all modes - quadrant semiconductor diode

Evo Data 2


  • Approximately 365mm (diameter) x 255mm (h)

5 Axes Motorized Compucentric Specimen Stage

  • X = 100mm (+50mm, -50mm)
  • Y = 125 mm (+65mm, -60mm)
  • Z = 55mm (35mm motorized)
  • T = 0 degrees to 90 degrees
  • R = 360 degrees (continuous) Stage control by mouse or optional joystick and control panel

Image Processing

  • Resolution: Up to 2304x1024 pixel signal acquisition by integrating and averaging

Image Display

  • Single flicker-free XVGA monitor with SEM image displayed at 1024x768 pixel

System Control 

  • Smart SEM with Windows, operated by mouse, keyboard and optional control panel


User friendly and with a relatively low user fee, the EVO 50 Zeiss is an attractive option for rapid screening of samples microstructures. It is often used for EDX analysis with spatial resolution of 1 mm.

The EVO 50 Zeiss environmental SEM equipped by Peltier Stage allows for work under high and low vacuum conditions.  For more information on using this instrument, please refer to our policies and rates.