Instrument Demo at the Optical Microscopy Core

Location: 003 Galvin Hall

We're writing a funding application to bring new imaging and analysis capabilities to the facility!  The system is a combined fluorescence and brightfield microscope available from Keyence that will provide:
  • slide scanning - scan entire tissue sections in brightfield (H&E, etc) or fluorescence mode with focus or shade correction for more seamless stitched images. 
  • contrast imaging for unstained samples
  • high content analysis using multiwell plates or dishes
  • optical sectioning for 3D data sets
  • analysis tools for image segmentation and quantification
Come to the demo and give it a try! Contact David Murphy to reserve your time on the schedule


Questions? Let me know!



Sara L. Cole, Ph.D.

Optical Microscopy Core Program Director

Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility

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