A High Resolution, Three­ Dimensional (3D) Fluorescent Staining Atlas of Tissue Microbiopsies in a Microfluidic Device

Author: Sarah Chapman


On­ chip three­-dimensional tissue histology for microbiopsies

C. Narciso, K. R. Cowdrick, V. Zellmer, T. Brito­Robinson, P. Brodskiy, D. J. Hoelzle, S. Zhang, and J. J. Zartman, Biomicrofluidics, 2016, 10, 21101.


We report a novel approach that generates a high resolution, three­ dimensional (3D) fluorescent staining atlas of tissue microbiopsies in a microfluidic device without destroying the tissue.


We demonstrate that this method preserves tissue architecture for multiple murine organs by comparing traditional 2D slices to an optically sectioned 3D H&E­mimic. The H&E­mimic slices show a close qualitative match to traditional H&E. The 3D spatial and molecular information obtainable from this method significantly increases the amount of data available for evaluating both tissue morphology and specific biomarkers in a wide range of both research and clinically driven applications and is amenable to automation.