A1r Reflectance Image

Reflectance Imaging Using the Nikon A1R Confocal Microscope

Reflectance imaging describes a subset of light microscopy methods that permit the formation of an intensity image from light that is back-scattered from a sample. This allows reflectance imaging to be performed alongside techniques such as fluorescence imaging, or as...

Zhang lands DOD breast cancer research award

Siyuan Zhang, the Dee Associate Professor of Biological Sciences who is also affiliated with the Harper Cancer Research Institute, landed a nearly $1.1 million Breast Cancer Research Program Breakthrough Award through the Department of Defense in August.
Posters In Galleria

Second annual COSE-JAM to be held December 7

COSE-JAM highlights the achievements of graduate students and postdoctoral trainees. The event helps them foster interdisciplinary research and interactions, develop presentation and mentoring skills, and obtain advice on career development.
10 27 18 Feature Dengue

Cancer and Dengue Virus Study

Two postdoctoral scholars from Notre Dame have received Postdoctoral Training Awards in Translational Research from the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI). 
Brian Baker Feature

Study uncovers new hurdle for developing immunotherapies

The body’s immune system is a valiant weapon against disease, and harnessing its power through a technique called immunotherapy is at the forefront of current research to treat cancer and other diseases. That’s why an unexpected finding by Notre Dame...