FESEM: Magellan 400 (FEI)

The Magellan XHR SEM allows sample imaging at extremely low beam energies (<100 eV), avoiding charge effect at non-conductive nano-scale surfaces.

The Magellan 400 is a fully digital FESEM with Schottkey field emitter source mounted on the NG hot-swap gun module that provides record high spatial resolution: 0.6 nm @ 15 kV, 0.9 nm @ 1 kV.  For more information on using this instrument, view our policies and rates.

Magellan Data

Features and specifications:

  • In-lens SE and BSE detection specially designed for high-resolution imaging at both high and low kV’s;
  • Everhart-Thornley SE detector for SE detection.;
  • Integrated IR CCD camera for in-chamber viewing;
  • Retractable Annular STEM Detector enables scanning transmission imaging in bright field, dark field and high-angle dark field modes.
  • Energy Dispersive X- Ray Spectrometer  (EDS )Bruker
  • SLEW Window, detection of Boron and up;
  • Energy resolution 123 eV (MnKα, 0 - 100,000 cps);
  • Elemental mapping and more