SEM/FIB Workstation: Helios G4 Ux (FEI)

The Helios G4 Ux™ Workstation

  • Fastest and easiest preparation of the highest-quality, site-specific, ultra-thin TEM and APT samples using the new Phoenix ion column with unmatched low-voltage performance
  • Shortest time to nanoscale information using best-in-class Elstar™ electron column
  • Reveal the finest details with the next-generation UC+ monochromator technology with higher current, enabling sub-nanometer performance at low energies
  • The most complete sample information with sharp, refined, and charge-free contrast obtained from up to 7 integrated in-column and below-the-lens detectors.
  • The highest quality, multi-modal subsurface and 3D information with the most precise targeting of the region of interest using optional Auto Slice & View™ 4 (AS&V4) software.
  • Fast, accurate, and precise milling and deposition of complex structures with critical dimensions of less than 10 nm
  • Precise sample navigation tailored to individual application needs thanks to the high stability and accuracy of the 150 mm Piezo stage and in-chamber Nav-Cam.
  • Artifact-free imaging based on integrated sample cleanliness management and dedicated imaging modes such as SmartScan™ and DCFI.

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Ux1 Stem Hadf 005 1

Alumina Spheres


Electron optics

Dual-mode magnetic immersion / field free lens electron optics with ultra-high brightness NG emitter and UC+ technology.

  • Source: Schottky field emitter mounted on the NG hot-swap gun module
  • Source lifetime: One (1) year guaranteed
  • Acceleration Voltage: 350 V to 30 kV
  • Landing energies: Adjustable from 20 eV to 30 keV
  • Beam current: 0.8 pA – 100 nA
  • Resolution: 0.6 nm at 15 – 2 kV 0.7 nm at 1 kV (with Beam Deceleration) 1.0 nm at 500 V (with Beam Deceleration and ICD)

Ion optics 

Phoenix field emission focused ion beam optics with liquid Gallium ion emitter, two-stage differential pumping and time of flight correction.

  • Source lifetime: 1000 hours
  • Voltage: 500 V to 30 kV
  • Beam current: 0.1 pA - 65 nA (15-position aperture strip)
  • Resolution: 4.0 nm at 30 kV using preferred statistical method 2.5 nm at 30 kV using selective edge method 500 nm at 500 V using preferred statistical method
  • Detection: Optional ICE detector (FIB optimized, secondary ion and electron detector)

Scanning system

 High-resolution digital scanning engine controlled from the User Interface.

  • Resolution: 512x442, 1024x884, 2048x1768, 4096x3536 pixels (conventional) 768x512, 1536x1024, 3072x2048, 6144x4096 pixels (widescreen)
  • Minimum Dwell Time: 25 ns/pixel Electronic scan rotation by n x 360 degrees

Patterning system

High-resolution digital patterning engine controlled from the User Interface

  • Maximum resolution: 64k x 64k
  • Maximum pattern size: 16 mil. pixels per single pattern
  • Minimum Dwell Time: 25 ns/pixel
  • Maximum Dwell Time: 25 ms/pixel
  • Multiple pattern shapes
  • Variable dwell time pattern to give 3D milling
  • Complex milling patterns through Bitmap import