Cryo Capabilities and Instrumentation for Cryo-TEM

Currently, JEOL 2011 TEM microscope is available for biosample imaging at room temperature and cryo conditions. JEOL 2011 TEM is located in Stinson Remick Hall, Room B08.


> Operating voltage of 80 – 200 kV (tunable)

> JEOL single tilt holder for room temperature bio specimens imaging.

> Fishione 2550 cryo transfer holder for imaging frozen-hydrated/vitrified bio specimens. (At cryo condition TEM imaging is limited to 20,000 magnification).

> AMT CCD camera

JEOL 2011



Leica Automatic Plunge Freezer EM GP2

Leica Automatic Plunge Freezer EM GP2 is installed in Stinson Remick Hall, Room B16.

Automatic plunge freezer for EM grids. For the preparation of vitrified fluid samples for cryo-TEM, including biological suspensions in both, aqueous and inorganic solvents. It can be used for a large variety of bio materials including viruses, liposomes, proteins, etc.


Sensor controlled blotting

> Automated single sided and multiple sided blotting

> Controllable secondary cryogen temperature

> Environmental chamber with adjustable temperature and humidity

Leica Automatic Plunge Freezer Em Gp2


For more information about Leica Automatic Plunge Freezer EM GP2 please see link below:

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Leica EM UC7 ultramicrotome equipped with the FC7 cryo chamber 


The Leica EM UC7 ultramicrotome equipped with the FC7 cryo chamber attachment is capable for preparation of high quality semi- and ultra-thin sections of biological and industrial samples. This includes frozen hydrated sectioning of vitrified specimens, cryoprotected biological  samples and soft materials like rubbers and polymers. 


> Wide temperature range for sectioning, starting at room temperature and down to -180 C.

> The FC7 cryo chamber is equipped with a micromanipulator for easy sections transfer to the TEM grid.

> Precise thickness control of sections from a few nanometers to up to several micrometers

> Equipped with a built in antivibration system 


Leica Em Uc7 Fc7 Cryo Ultramicrotome more information about Leica UC7/FC7 Cryo-Ultramicrotome please see links below: