External Customer Information

Information on Contract Work with External Customers

NDHC is located in 400D room of Friemann Life Sciences Center and includes the following instruments and services: 

  • Leica TP 1020 Tissue Processor (Leica)
  • Tissue-Tek III Embedding Station (Tissue Tek)
  • Leica RM 2155 Microtome and waterbath (Leica)
  • Leica CM 1850 Cryostat (Leica)  
  • Self-Service and Full Service Instrument Usage Options
  • as well as  several sample preparation and developed staining protocols

All of these devices and services are available to external customers

Data collected by our professional staff is charged at the assisted use rate. In some circumstances external customers can be trained to operate the devices and be charged at the unassisted rate.  For more details, veiw the rates for the histology core.