Instruments and Services




A small animal PET∕SPECT∕CT imaging system

Bruker Xtreme

Bruker Xtreme

Optical and X-ray small animal imaging system

Ivis Lumina

IVIS Lumina

A benchtop system for 2D bioluminscence, standard fluorescence and Cerenkov imaging



Body Composition Analysis device for live animals, measuring fat, lean, water and bone mineral content

Icon Mri


An easy-to-use 1 Tesla desktop MRI scanner for small rodents like rats and mice

Mars Medipix Spectal X Ray Ct

MARS Medipix Spectral X-ray CT

MARS promises to revolutionize diagnostic imaging by quantifying the elements and compounds of a sample in a single scan. It is the first commercially available 3D spectral (multi-energy) scanner to produce in vivo images with anatomic and molecular quantification at a fraction of the cost, time, and radiation dose of traditional molecular imaging, such as PET or SPECT

Ceretom Clinical Xray Ct

Ceretom Clinical X-ray CT

An 8-slice small-bore portable CT scanner that delivers the highest quality Non-Contrast, Angiography, and Contrast Perfusion scans in a variety of patient locations. Its combination of rapid scan time, easy-to-use interface, and immediate image viewing make CereTom® an indispensable tool for any clinician needing real-time, high-quality images

Scanco Vivact 80 Micro Xray Ct

ScanCo VivaCT 80 Micro X-ray CT

In-vivo microCT scanner that offers the largest field-of-view (80 mm) and the best resolution (5 µm) in its category and is hence the most versatile scanner for the in-vivo X-ray micro computed-tomography imaging of mice, rats, and extremities of larger animals up to small rabbits


Advanced Molecular Imaging HT Instrument

The SPECTRAL AMI HT acquire quantitative images from a diverse set of applications including well plates, plants and small animals.  The imaging system contains a high performance cooled CCD camera to record the image collected by a large aperture lens with automation for filter and field of view selection.  Luminescence, fluorescence, and x-ray modalities are combined into the system utilizing the latest technologies.