Bruker Xtreme

Bruker Xtreme

An Optical and X-ray Small Animal Imaging System

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Optical Imaging of RFP Ovarian Cancer Mets

Optical Imaging of RFP Ovarian Cancer Mets – The Cowden-Dahl lab is using RFP-expressing ovarian cancer cells to track and quantify tumor metastasis during ex vivo imaging.  The image at right shows a photo of an IP region of a mouse (left), the RFP fluorescence image (center), and an overlay of both.


Multimodal Extreme

Multimodal Prostate Tumor Imaging –A collaboration between researchers from the Suckow Lab , Leevy Lab, and Dr. Brian Rabinovich from MD Andersen, has produced aprostate tumor cell line with dual bioluminescent and fluorescent genetic reporters . From left to right is a sub-Q tumor with signal captured in photographic,mCherry fluorescence, exogenous MMPSense750 probe fluorescence, Cerenkov luminescence (FDG), and PET (FDG) modalities.

P. Aeruginosa

Dynamic Imaging of P. aeruginosa Swarm Behavior- Researchers from the lab of Prof. Joshua Shrout are performing time-lapse fluorescence imaging GFP-expressing bacteria to monitor their growth and swarm kinetics.  At left is a single frame from a three-day time course, in which a “fire” color scale is used to indicated the intensity of GFP signal coming from different regions on the plate.

Fluorescence Imaging of Bone Remodeling

Fluorescence Imaging of Bone Remodeling – The MSFX specializes in the detection of fluorescent probes in living mice. At right is a montage of X-ray, fluorescence, and overlay of a mouse injected with Osteosense-750, a probe for bone remodeling. Image generated by undergraduate researchers in the Leevy Lab.