CereTom Clinical X-ray CT

CereTom Clinical X-ray CT

An eight-slice small-bore portable CT scanner that delivers the highest quality Non-Contrast, Angiography, and Contrast Perfusion scans in a variety of patient locations. Its combination of rapid scan time, easy-to-use interface, and immediate image viewing make CereTom® an indispensable tool for any clinician needing real-time, high-quality images. For more information on using this instrument, view our policies and rates.


Anatomical Imaging of Large Specimens

X-ray CT may be used to image the internal structural features of living specimens. The CereTom is a large bore (25 cm) system that was acquired to accommodate large animals, such as rabbits.

Matthew Ravosa’s laboratory uses this system to analyze the jaw development of rats under varied dietary conditions. The CT provides a visual output of anatomical changes, which may be then quantified using either geometric or radiodensity measurements.