IVIS Lumina

IVIS Lumina

A Benchtop System for 2D Bioluminescence, Standard Fluorescence & Cerenkov Imaging

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In Vivo Imaging of Bioluminescent Salmonella Infection

In Vivo Imaging of a Bioluminescent Salmonella Infection – Researchers from the Smith Lab have developed in vivo models of infection using bioluminescent bacteria. These bacteria are engineered to emit light, thus facilitating their detection using a light sensitive CCD chip. BLI emission reports on the health of these invading cells, and drug therapy may be non-invasively monitored as a decrease in light emanating from infected tissue.


Multimodal Prostate Tumor Imaging

Multimodal Prostate Tumor Imaging – A collaboration between researchers from the Suckow Lab., Leevy Lab., and Dr. Brian Rabinovich from MD Andersen, has produced a prostate tumor cell line with dual bioluminescent and fluorescent genetic reporters From left to right is a sub-Q tumor with signal captured in photographic,mCherry fluorescence, exogenous MMPSense750 probe fluorescence, Cerenkov luminescence (FDG), and PET (FDG) modalities