MARS Medipix Spectral X-ray CT

MARS Medipix Spectral X-ray CT

Mars Bioimaging 600x300

MARS promises to revolutionize diagnostic imaging by quantifying the elements and compounds of a sample in a single scan. It is the first commercially available 3D spectral (multi-energy) scanner to produce in vivo images with anatomic and molecular quantification at a fraction of the cost, time, and radiation dose of traditional molecular imaging, such as PET or SPECT. For more information on using this instrument, view our policies and rates.

Pre-clinical Spectral Scanner

  • Medpix3 detectors bonded to high-Z sensors at 110 micron pitch with 8 energy bins per pixel and 2 ms frame readout

  • 120 kVp, 350 μA x-ray source with helical scan mode

  • Precision horizontal in vivo sample stage with gas lines, monitoring inputs and temperature sensors

  • Iterative reconstruction and processing algorithms quantify the concentration of elements and compounds in mg/mL

  • Visualization workstation with zSpace 3D virtual reality for image analysis