Scanco VivaCT 80 Micro X-ray CT

Scanco VivaCT 80 Micro X-ray CT

The vivaCT 80 is the in-vivo microCT scanner that offers the largest field-of-view (80 mm) and the best resolution (5 µm) in its category and is hence the most versatile scanner for the in-vivo X-ray micro computed-tomography imaging of mice, rats, and extremities of larger animals up to small rabbits.

The vivaCT 80 benefits from a narrow cone beam angle geometry and a mechanically adjustable field-of-view for best image quality at low radiation dose. Fast scan speed at intermediate and lower resolutions is supported by the new scanner mechanics.


vivaCT 80


Cone-beam in vivo microCT

Fully shielded

  • No external shielding required

Integrated Heating Chamber


X-ray source

30 - 70 kVp


3072 x 400 elements (~100% fill factor), 

48 µm pitch


‹ 14 µm (10% MTF)
5 - 160 µm nominal isotropic (pixel size)

Image matrix

512 x 512 to 8192 x 8192 pix

Max. scan size

80 x 145 mm (ØxL) in one scan

Up to ~450 mm length with multiple scans

Max. specimen size

90 x 500 mm* (ØxL)

Min. scan time

20 s

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