Andor Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope with TIRF

The Andor Spinning Disk is designed to image thin samples with low emission fluorescence as well as capture cellular events with minimal photo-damage to live cells.  TIRF, FRAP and FRET modalities are also capable with this system. For more information on using this instrument, view our policies and rates.

Andor Spinning Disk Confocal Data1

Recording cytoskeletal behavior - Dr. Holly Goodson obtains very sharp, low-noise images of live COS-7 cells over time. Her use of the FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photobleaching; red circle) modality allows her to record in real time the building of the fluorescently labeled microtubule cytoskeleton in targeted areas, and the movement of intracellular organelles associated with the cytoskeleton (green arrow).

Andor Spinning Disk Confocal Data2Image courtesy of D. Toomre of the Yale University School of Medicine and Andor USA

Observe membrane and near-membrane phenomena with the TIRF modality.

For a readable summary of spinning disk microscopy, see: