Leica RM 2155 Microtome and Waterbath

Mc 6

The Leica RM 2155 is developed for fully motorized sectioning of paraffin and plastic embedded sections. The Leica RM 2155 offers a broad spectrum of applications in routine and research laboratories in histology as well as in industrial materials and quality control.

Features & Specifications

  • Adjustable sectioning speed for paraffin specimens
  • Ergonomically designed with external control panel
  • Rapid, convenient switching between sectioning and trimming settings
  • Selection of continuous movement or single step coarse feed
  • Safety hand wheel with two safety locking mechanisms
  • One hand operation specimen clamp system
  • Integrated section waste tray
  • All-new knife holder system


Freimann Life Sciences 400D


  • Internal User: $12
  • External User: $29
  • New User Training:
    • Internal User: $65
    • External User: $196
  • Experienced User Training:
    • Internal User: $39
    • External User: $159
  • Refresher Training:
    • Internal User: $28
    • External User: $109