GE Healthcare DeltaVision Deconvolution Microscope

Mc 6

The DeltaVision provides excellent image quality and reduced phototoxicity to allow for long-term, time-lapse imaging in three dimensions - perfect for live-cell imaging. This system is equipped with filter sets for detection of blue, green, red and far-red fluorophore fluorophore excitation, and CFP/YFP.

Features & Specifications

  • DeltaVision imaging systems use research-grade microscopes to collect optical images in one of the following imaging modes:
    • Fluorescence
    • Brightfield
    • Phase contrast
    • Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) 
  • Automated Optical Sectioning, Time-lapse, Point visiting- Optical sectioning, filter changes, and shutters are coordinated by the controller. 
  • Quantitative Processing - Image processing and 3-D reconstructions of multidimensional data files. 
  • Image Display and Analysis - 3-D reconstructions can be visualized, rotated, and enhanced.

GE Healthcare DeltaVision supports a wide array of imaging applications, including Cytoskeletal Studies, RNAi experiments, Live Cell Imaging, Cell Cycling Studies, Protein Translocation, Protein Pathway Analysis, and Localization.


Galvin 007H

Output Images