Rigor and Relevance in Scholarly Publishing: New Realities, New Metrics, New Methods and What it Means for You

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Location: Hesburgh Library

In the digital age, the landscape for scholarly communications is rapidly changing—ideas once considered part of the new frontier are now mainstream. As scholarly careers hang in the balance, we must understand and navigate these new realities or run the risk of being left behind.

·  How do we evaluate electronic publishing in the sciences, engineering, and humanities?

·  What is the role of other-than-article contributions?

·  How should we evaluate article-level metrics as a measure of impact?   

·  What does post-publication review mean? Is this a new paradigm for evaluating scholarship?

·  How do we manage grant funded and university public access mandates?

·  How do we avoid predatory publishers?

Graduate studentspost-docs and early-career faculty will surely confront these issues on their career paths, especially those who publish in non-print formats.Committees on Appointments and Promotion and chairs of departments need to understand these issues when making recommendations.

This conference brings together researchers, administrators, and publishers to educate and collaborate on understanding the future of scholarly publishing and the subsequent tools for evaluation. Join us as we explore these and other key questions at the center of academic debate.

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Originally published at science.nd.edu.