From neurotransmitters to cartilage: Imaging capabilities at the Purdue MRI Facility


Location: Zoom

The Purdue Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Facility houses three research-dedicated MRI systems, including Siemens and GE 3T full body scanners and a Bruker 7T small animal scanner, enabling translational research from bench to bedside. All three scanners are fully dedicated to research, staffed to support development and research studies, and equipped with advanced neuro- and body-imaging sequences and RF coils to allow imaging human subjects, animals or MRI compatible devices and materials. The co-directors of the facility will demonstrate the capabilities of each system, discuss how researchers can get started using MRI, and showcase some research highlights making use of the Purdue MRI Facility.

 Ctsi Atp Seminarflyer 11 Mar 22