Data Analysis Using ImageJ plugins


Location: B10 McCourtney Hall

Bring your lunch and your laptop to this event!

The NDIIF has partnered with Scott Howard and his reserach group to further explore ImageJ plugins and noise reduction in microscopy images.  More specifically we will be introducing powerful ImageJ plugins developed by the lab of our very own, Scott Howard in the Engineering Department. Paul Bohn, Siyuan Zhang, Cody Smith and Scott Howard just had a paper accepted in Optica for an ImageJ denoising plugin. It takes a single fluorescence microscopy image and effectively removes as much noise as if you increased the imaging time by a factor of 8. It works on widefield, confocal, two-photon, light-sheet... pretty much any fluorescence microscopy tool (and possibly other tools as well!)  During this April workshop users will be introduced to this plugin and others and provided real-time application help to install and start using these analysis tools immediately!  

Registration is encouraged.  Information and instructions for using ImageJ and the Plugins will be sent in advance.  All attendees are also encouraged to bring data to the workshop for further hands-on help using the tools that will be provided during this session.  To receive a zoom link if you are unable to attend in person you must also register for the event.  

Please register to attend here.