VIDEO: Data-driven Research Group Crosses Traditional Boundaries to Advance Computational and Data Science Engineering at Notre Dame

Author: Brandi Klingerman

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Within the University of Notre Dame’s College of Engineering, researchers are focusing on developing tools that can advance deep understanding of research problems through high performance multi physics and multi scale predictive computations. By utilizing the University’s state-of-the-art facilities, combined with multidisciplinary expertise, Notre Dame researchers in the areas of Computational and Data Science and Engineering are taking on the grand challenges that require massive amounts of data and computation in order to foster innovation and find solutions.

Speaking about the research group, Gretar Tryggvason, Viola Hank Endowed Chair and Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Chairperson, said, “The University of Notre Dame has a long history of expertise in computations and computational predictions. This legacy, combined with substantial University investment, has allowed our group to grow significantly in recent years, while still keeping the Notre Dame mission of being a powerful means for doing good in mind. We recognize that we have to do problems that are relevant to society in order to deal with the challenges the next generations will face. Our faculty are committed to this, and to taking the field further.”

Tryggvason talks about some of the research projects that are underway within Computational and Data Science and Engineering alongside his colleagues Peter Kogge, Ted H. McCourtney Professor of Computer Science and Engineering; Karel Matouš, College of Engineering Collegiate Associate Professor of Computational Mechanics in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering; and Joannes Westerink, Henry J. Massman Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences Chairperson and Joseph and Nona Ahearn Professor in Computational Science and Engineering, in a new video.

To watch the video, which is part of the Advancing Research series, and learn more about Computational and Data Science and Engineering at Notre Dame, please click here.

The University of Notre Dame is a private research and teaching university inspired by its Catholic mission. Located in South Bend, Indiana, its researchers are advancing human understanding through research, scholarship, education, and creative endeavor in order to be a repository for knowledge and a powerful means for doing good in the world.

Originally published by Brandi Klingerman at on February 23, 2017.