New instrument to join Electron Microscopy Core, NDIIF

Author: Sarah Chapman

Fei Helios G4 Ux

Helios G4 Ux Dual Beam Electron Microscope to be available by mid-June

The Electron Microscopy Core at the University of Notre Dame is committed to advancing human understanding through research by incorporating the latest technological innovations. Through the efforts of the faculty and various stakeholders across campus, the Electron Microscopy Core has received funding to purchase a Helios G4 UX Dual Beam electron microscope. This system will replace the current Helios NanoLab Workstation at the Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility (NDIIF).

This new system uses a Gallium based source providing a level of resolution that will achieve the highest quality results and final polishing with very low energy ions to minimize surface damage on a sample. This system promises the most advanced Phoenix Focused Ion Beam (FIB) column to not only deliver high-resolution imaging and milling at high voltages, but it now extends unmatched FIB performance down to accelerating voltages as low as 500V, enabling the creation of ultra-thin TEM lamella with sub-nm damage layers.

“This is a tremendous tool to offer our colleagues within our University, the outstretched community of researchers within industry, and other Universities. It will provide us the ability to advance our research beyond what we previously were capable of,” said Alexander Mukasyan, director of advanced electron microscopy. “Once installation is complete, our facility will be able to easily transition users onto this advanced system as well as be able to provide training and education to integrate this tool into their existing research.”

By June 15, 2019, the current Helios NanoLab Workstation will be removed and the new Helios G4 UX Dual Beam will be available to NDIIF users. The new system will be installed in the basement of Stinson-Remick within the electron microscopy suite in room B10. The tool will compliment existing equipment within the Electron Microscopy Core, which enables expert users to attack the most complex, modern research problems, from micron to Angstrom spatial resolution. 

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