Data Storage

Users are responsible for their own data! 

Data and images collected on the local hard drive should be transferred from the workstation computers to portable media promptly. Users should bring a flash drive or a CD/DVD to take their data with them at the conclusion of the session. Images that remain on the hard drive longer than six months may be deleted without notice. Data should be saved in a folder under the name of the Principal Investigator.

Do not, under any circumstances, download/upload programs or files onto NDIIF computers. Users doing so will have their use of the facility restricted. The NDIIF instrument computers must only be used for image capture and workstation computers are to be used for saving data to portable media and for image manipulation. NDIIF computers are not to be used for any purpose other than NDIIF related activities.

Data acquired in the core facilities will be stored on the Instrument in which the data was acquired server in active, accessible storage for up to six months after acquisition. After six months, data will no longer be retained in active storage. Users who need data retrieved from the NDIIF instruments may be charged a fee. It is the users' responsibility to move data from the NDIIF servers to a personal storage site within the six-month time frame. UND offers several options for storing research data and a summary of all data storage solutions available may be found at