The NDIIF facilities operate on a fee-for-service framework that includes recovery of expenses for equipment maintenance and NDIIF staff time. Before initiating a service request and prior to instrument training, all users must provide a budget number (account information), and contact information for their business office. External academic users and industrial users must provide a name and address to enable the NDIIF office to send an invoice.

Billing occurs at the end of each month through electronic transfer. A detailed invoice is provided electronically to the principal investigator at this time. Disputes must be provided, in writing, to the facility director within 48 hours when partial payment/refund/waiver may be provided. Services provided to external users, including CTSI partners, can pay their bills by sending a check to the NDIIF office or providing a purchase order with details for electronic transfer of funds.

Investigators may be financially responsible for instrument damages due to improper use by those users in their labs. Principal investigators may also be financially responsible for instrument reservations that are not canceled prior to the reserved time and considered a “no show”.

Disagreements over payment should be raised with the NDIIF Senior Assistant Director for resolution.