In Vivo Imaging Core

The Vivo Imaging Core provides a non-invasive approach to observe various disease and biological conditions in living systems.

  • Mc 6


    A small animal PET/SPECT/CT imaging system

  • Mc 6

    IVIS Lumina

    A benchtop system for 2D bioluminscence, standard fluorescence, and Cerenkov imaging.

  • Mc 6


    An easy-to-use 1 Tesla desktop MRI scanner for small rodents like rats and mice.

  • Mc 6

    MARS Medipix Spectral X-ray CT

    MARS is capable of 3D spectral (multi-energy) scanning coupled with in vivo images for anatomic and molecular quantification

  • Mc 6

    Advanced Molecular Imaging HT Instrument

    Small animal imaging platform capable of capturing luminescent and fluorescent images via a large aperture lens with automation for filter and field of view selection

  • Mc 6


    Body Composition Analysis device for live animals, measuring fat, lean, water and bone mineral content

  • Mc 6

    Scanco VivaCT 80 Micro X-ray CT

    In-vivo microCT scanner offering the largest field of view (80mm) and the best resolution (5µm)

  • Leica Stellaris

    Leica Stellaris 8 DIVE

    The multiphoton microscope STELLARIS 8 DIVE provides you with flexible multicolor imaging beyond 1 mm in depth for intravital live animal imaging.