Advanced Molecular Imaging HT Instrument

Mc 6

The SPECTRAL AMI HT acquires quantitative images from a diverse set of applications including well plates, plants, and small animals. The imaging system contains a high-performance cooled CCD camera to record the image collected by a large aperture lens with automation for filter and field of view selection.  Luminescence, fluorescence, and x-ray modalities are combined into the system utilizing the latest technologies.

Features & Specifications

  • Bioluminescent imaging
  • Fluorescent imaging
  • High throughput
  • Pure LED illumination (patented)
  • 100X light intensity on specimen
  • 10 LED wavelengths from 430nm to 745nm
  • 10 filters included from 530nm to 790 nm
  • Selection of 20 filters available
  • Custom emission filters for plant imaging
  • Solid state cooled CCD camera (–90C), no leaks
  • High Performance Imager
  • CCD camera with back illumination
  • Ultra-wide category leading 25cm x 17cm optical FOV
  • Vertical sliding door with reduced waste anesthesia gas


Galvin 001