Optical Microscopy Core

The Optical Microscopy Core provides researchers with the opportunity to acquire informative single images and three-dimensional reconstructions of fluorescently labeled cells and tissues, either fixed or live.

  • Mc 6

    Nikon AZ 100 Marco/Zoom Scope

    The Nikon AZ100 is a multi-zoom macroscope with a wide range of magnification settings (5x-400x) used for either brightfield (top lit or backlit) or contrast imaging

  • Mc 6

    Nikon Eclipse 90i Widefield Fluorescent Microscope

    The 90i is useful for imaging fluorescent or chromogenic (chemically stained) samples such as H&E, immunohistochemistry (i.e. DAB, HRP), Gram, trichrome, and more

  • Mc 6

    Nikon C2+ Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

    The Nikon C2 confocal system is a semi-automated, upright microscope ideal for imaging fixed samples providing basic confocal imaging with 3 standard PMT detectors and 4 laser lines for four channel imaging

  • Mc 6

    Nikon A1R

    The Nikon A1R inverted confocal system is equipped with four laser lines, 405, 488, 561 and 633nm and a contrast imaging capability and offers high-resolution imaging capabilities for a wide range of imaging applications

  • Mc 6

    Nikon A1R-MP Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

    The two-photon imaging mode of the Nikon A1R-MP system provides deeper imaging into thick samples with no background resulting from out-of-focus light and minimal phototoxicity in live samples

  • Mc 6

    Bruker Luxendo MuVi SPIM Light Sheet

    The lightsheet system is ideal for long-term, three-dimensional fluorescence imaging of organisms, tissue explants, and 3D cell culture systems. This microscope can be used for live, fixed, and optically cleared samples

  • Mc 8

    Nikon CSU-X1 Spinning Disk System

    The Nikon CSU-X1 is optimized for high speed imaging of living cells expressing fluorescent proteins and/or stained with synthetic fluorescent dyes

  • Mc 6

    Software Analysis - IMARIS

    IMARIS software can be used for image presentation and/or data analysis from a variety of commercial fluorescence microscopy image file formats

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    Keyence BZ-X810

    The Keyence BZ-X810 is a fully automated, brightfield and fluorescence microscope adaptable to many different research needs.

  • Leica Stellaris

    Leica Stellaris 8 DIVE

    The multiphoton microscope STELLARIS 8 DIVE provides you with flexible multicolor imaging beyond 1 mm in depth.