Leica Stellaris 8 DIVE

Leica Stellaris

The multiphoton microscope STELLARIS 8 DIVE provides you with flexible multicolor imaging beyond 1 mm in depth for intravital live animal imaging. 

The combination of multiple distinct fluorescent labels is increasingly used to study dynamic interaction and spatial relationships among cells and molecules. The goal is to understand a myriad of complex biological events, such as cellular connectivity, cell phenotyping, protein interaction or co-expression, and co-localization. Scaling up such studies to whole organs or tissues requires suitable large-volume multicolor microscopy methods. DIVE and STELLARIS have now merged to provide you with the power of flexible multicolor multiphoton imaging. Furthermore, you can expand the potential of your experiments with additional label-free imaging capabilities.

Seamlessly integrated into the confocal software interface, STELLARIS 8 DIVE offers the benefits of high speed and excellent navigation so that dynamic processes in complex samples can be studied with ease.

Features and Specifications

•    Inverted microscope has the STELLARIS 8 Scanhead with 5 Power HyD detectors and 1 detector for transmitted light.
•    Two sets of scanning mirrors: standard for larger frame sizes and 8000K Resonant scanner for high speed imaging.
•    2 Lasers (1P): 405 DMOD and a pulsed Supercontinuum White Light Laser (WLL).
•    Coherent Chameleon multiphoton (2P) Laser tunable laser
•    Motorized X,Y stage and Z focus.
•    Incubation chamber from Okolab regulates CO2, O2, temperature and humidity.
•    AFC (Automatic Focus Control) is Leica's implementation of auto-focus.
•    5 Power HyD detectors of 3 types in the following positions: Position 1, HyD S; Position 2, HyD S; Position 3, HyD S SP; Position 4, HyD X; Position 5, HyD R.

Technical Specifications:

Scope: Leica DMI 8 inverted microscope.
Laser Lines: 405 nm, Tunable white light laser, Wavelength Range: 440-790 nm, Total Average Power: ≥ 6 W, Visible Power: 1200 mW. Tunable 2P Laser 720-1020 nm
OS/Software: Windows 10 Enterprise, LAS (Leica Application Suite) X


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