Histology Core

The Histology Core provides a means to examine biological processes in mice, rats, frogs, zebra fish, fruit flies, sheep bone, and even human tissue by use of immunohistochemical techniques and pathology.

  • Mc 6

    Leica TP 1020 Tissue Processor

    Tissue Processor with pre-heat and pre-cool capabilities to maintain constant temperature

  • Arcadia Embedding Station

    Arcadia Embedding Station

    Embedding station which enables the user to produce paraffin embedded tissue blocks

  • Mc 6

    Leica AUTOCUT Microtome and Waterbath

    The Leica HistoCore AUTOCUT is developed for fully motorized sectioning of paraffin and plastic-embedded sections

  • Mc 6

    Leica CM 1850 Cryostat

    The Leica CM1850 Cryostat has proven to regarded as one of the most reliable cryostats in the industry

  • Mc 6

    Sample Preparation and Developed Staining Protocols

    The staff of the NDIIF have a library of existing protocols and will also work alongside the user to develop and optimize new protocols for sample preparation and staining

  • Vibratome

    Leica VT1200S

    The fully-automated Leica VT1200 S is recommended for multi user laboratories where users of both semi-automated vibrating blade microtomes and fully automated instruments work together.

  • Cryojane

    CryoJane Tape-Transfer System

    The CryoJane Tape-Transfer System for Cryosectioning makes it easy to produce high-quality frozen sections of difficult tissues. The CryoJane uses adhesive coated slides and adhesive tapes to capture sections instead of using an anti-roll plate or brush.