Spectra 300

Mc 7

Spectra 30-300 (S)TEM – the highest resolution, aberration-corrected, scanning transmission electron microscope for all materials science applications.

Features & Specifications

  • X-FEG Mono: High-brightness Schottky field emitter gun and monochromator with a tunable energy resolution range between 1 eV and <0.2 eV
  • Accelerating voltage: 30, 80, 300 keV
  • Probe corrector:

Energy spread: 0.2–0.3 eV

Information limit: 100 pm

STEM resolution: 50 pm (125 pm @ 30 kV)

  • Available detectors:

HAADF detector

Ultra-low noise Panther, on-axis solid state, 8 segmented BF and ADF detectors (16 segments in total)

Thermo Scientific Ceta™ 16M Camera with speed enhancement

Electron microscope pixel array detector (EMPAD)

  • Super-X EDX system (detector design allows for combined tomographic EDS):

 High-sensitivity, windowless detector system based on patented SDD technology

 Energy resolution: ≤136 eV for Mn-Kα and 10 kcps; ≤140 eV for Mn-Kα and 100 kcps

Low system background in EDS 

  • Field-free imaging in TEM Lorentz mode with 2 nm resolution for magnetic property studies
  • Integrated Faraday cup for calibration screen current
  • Computerized 5-axis, ultra-stable specimen piezo stage (allows for movements as fine as 20 pm). Linear drift compensation provided by piezo stage.
  • Symmetric S-TWIN objective lens with wide-gap pole piece allows the use of special holders, such as heating/biasing holder, cooling holder and liquid cell holder. 
  • Available holders:

Single tilt holder 

Double tilt holder 

Tomography holder




Stinson Remick B03

Output Images