Leica EM UC7 Ultramicrotome

Mc 7

The Leica EM UC7 ultramicrotome equipped with the FC7 cryo-chamber attachment is capable of the preparation of high-quality semi- and ultra-thin sections of biological and industrial samples. This includes frozen-hydrated sectioning of vitrified specimens, cryoprotected biological samples, and soft materials like rubbers and polymers.

Features & Specifications

  • Wide temperature range for sectioning, starting at room temperature and down to -180 C.
  • The FC7 cryo chamber is equipped with a micromanipulator for easy sections transfer to the TEM grid.
  • Precise thickness control of sections from a few nanometers to up to several micrometers
  • Equipped with a built-in anti-vibration system 


Stinson Remick B16