Leica VT1200S


The fully-automated Leica VT1200 S is recommended for multi user laboratories where users of both semi-automated vibrating blade microtomes and fully automated instruments work together.

VT1200 S can be used in both semi- or fully-automated sectioning modes depending on the users’ requirements. The fully automated mode of the VT1200 S offers automatic feeding, specimen retraction, and a cutting window. The mode of operation can be individually selected, and settings can be stored for up to 8 users. Automatic feeding, specimen retraction and use of a cutting window are designed to minimize sectioning time.

Features and Specifications

  • Vertical deflection of the blade can be measured with the optional Vibrocheck device and minimized below 1μm.
  • Blade holder can be rotated through 90° to permit accurate insertion of a whole double edged razor blade, sapphire knife or injector blade.
  • Palm rests on the ice bath or double-walled buffer tray allow a relaxed, ergonomic working position.
  • Built-in LED illumination provides natural, comfortable lighting during sectioning without adding heat, which could deteriorate the tissue. The Leica VT1200 features 5-step adjustable light intensity.


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