Nikon Eclipse 90i Widefield Fluorescent Microscope

Mc 6

The Eclipse 90i is useful for imaging fluorescent or chromagenic (chemically stained) samples such as H&E, immunohistochemistry (i.e. DAB, HRP), Gram, trichrome, etc. This microscope is equipped with blue, green and red filters for imaging common fluorecence dyes in these ranges. Thinner samples of 4 to 5 microns are best suited for fluorescence imaging, providing optimal results with less background.

Features & Specifications

 Optical system: CFI60 infinity optical system


  • Precentered 12V100W halogen transmitted illumination
  • Built-in fly-eye lens
  • Built-in NCB11/ ND8/ ND32 filters & diffuser
  • Preset switch
  • Motorized field diaphragm
  • External power supply


  • Motorized coaxial coarse/fine/super-fine focusing
  • Built-in linear encoder, resolution : 0.05um
  • Focusing stroke : 27mm
  • Escape function as refocusing mechanism
  • Auto Link Focus

Filter Cubes

  • Cy5, DAPI, FITC, CY3


  • 2x   planApo
  • 4x    planApo
  • 10x   planApo
  • 20x   planApo
  • 40x  planApo


Galvin 007C

Output Images