Keyence BZ-X810

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 The Keyence BZ-X810 is a fully automated, brightfield and fluorescence microscope adaptable to many different research needs. The Keyence system can perform well scanning, high content imaging, image cytometry, mosaic imaging (tiling), live-cell imaging, and optical sectioning for three-dimensional reconstructions. This microscope is equipped with a wide range of objective lenses and detection capabilities including near-IR dyes.

Features and Specifications

• Imaging in fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast 

• Automated XYZ stitching of large histology sections 

• Screening and quantification of well plates 

• Time-lapse incubation for cell culture

Live cell imaging components

  • Incubator
  • Time-lapse imaging module (hardware and software)

High-content imaging components

  • Measurement mode (software)
  • Image cytometer module (hardware and software)

Three-dimensional imaging components

  • Sectioning module (hardware including gratings)
  • Multi-stack module (hardware for image stack capture to produce 3D reconstructions)


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