Nikon AZ 100 Marco/Zoom Scope

Mc 6

The Nikon AZ100 is a multi-zoom macroscope with a wide range of magnification settings (5x-400x) used for either brightfield (top lit or backlit), fluorescence, or contrast imaging. Use this microscope for imaging very large samples such as whole mount preparations of plant or animal tissues and insects. 

Features & Specifications

  • On-Axis coaxial optical zoom system that enables macro image capture
  • Wide-range of observation magnifications from 5x to 500x
  • High-resolution/high-contrast observation in both the macro & micro regions¬†
  • Support for a wide array of observation methods, including reflected/transmitted light brightfield, simple POL, and differential interference contrast
  • Automatic detection of objective lens magnification with intelligent triple nosepiece (AZ100M)
  • Electronic remote control of motorized optical zoom and vertical stage movement
  • Communication with a PC and the DS-L2 and DS-U2 digital camera control units (AZ100M)


Galvin 007C

Output Images