Nikon CSU-X1 Spinning Disk System

Mc 8

The Nikon CSU-X1 is optimized for high-speed imaging of living cells expressing fluorescent proteins and/or stained with synthetic dyes. Combined wide-field illumination of the sample, fast image capture and reduced phototoxicity/photobleaching make this system ideal for live cell imaging but can also be used for fixed samples.

Features & Specifications

  • 3D confocal imaging
  • 4-color fluorescence imaging
  • Live cell time lapse imaging
  • Automated multi-position imaging
  • Stimulation with 440nm or 630nm LEDs though brightfield light path


  • Plan Apo λ 10x / 0.45
  • Plan Apo VC 20x/0.75
  • Plan Apo λ 40x/0.95
  • Plan Apo λ 40x/1.3 oil
  • Plan Apo VC 100X/1.4
  • Apo TIRF 100x/1.49 Oil

Equipment Details

  • Nikon Ti Microscope (Inverted)
  • Yokogawa CSU-X1 Spinning Disk Confocal
  • Vortran 4-line laser launch
  • Sutter Lambda XL
  • Photometrics Prime95B sCMOS camera
  • Andor DU897 EMCCD
  • Sutter Lambda 10-3 emission filter wheel
  • ASI motorized XY stage with Z piezo
  • OkoLab Cage Incubator
  • OkoLab CO2 Mixer

Light Source

  • Vortran 4-line solid state laser launch

Excitation Wavelengths

  • 405nm
  • 488nm
  • 561nm
  • 640nm


Harper Hall Room 103