Nikon A1R

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The Nikon A1R HD, inverted confocal system is equipped with four laser lines, 405, 488, 561 and 633nm and a contrast imaging capability. The 32-channel spectral detector can be used for spectral imaging or linear, live unmixing for reduced background. The resonant scanner provides fast scanning-capabilities at high resolution for rapid image capture and, when combined with the piezo drive, rapid Z-series acquisition for 3D image reconstructions. The denoise AI software application provides increased signal-to-noise during fast acquisistion of images from dim samples. Researchers can perform live cell imaging, photoablation and FRAP and FRET experiments with this microscope.

Features & Specifications


  • Inverted Stand Eclipse TiE
  • Motorized x-y stage
  • Mad City Labs piezo z stage insert


  • 405 nm diode laser
  • Argon (457, 476, 488, 514 nm)
  • 561 nm diode laser
  • 640 nm diode laser


  • Continuously adjustable galvano scanner (up to 24 Hz)
  • Resonant scanner (up to 420 Hz)

Objective Lenses

  • 10x/0.30 Plan Fluor
  • 20x/0.45 S Plan Fluor ELWD
  • 40x/0.60 S Plan Fluor ELWD, Ph2
  • 40x/1.30 Plan Fluor oil, DIC
  • 60X/1.20 Plan Apo WI, DIC
  • 60X/1.40 Plan Apo oil, DIC
  • Other lenses are available.  Contact us for further information.


  • Four PMTs
  • 32 channel filter-free spectral detector
  • Transmitted light brightfield detector


  • NIS-Elements for image acquisition, processing, and quantification.  FRET module included.


Galvin 007A